Powdered mimosa hostilis root bark


MHRB is a substance having a very high tannin content. That is why we take the effort to ground the root bark so finely. Tanners will like the texture, which will give not just tannin but also friction throughout the tanning process. Tanners use oblique blades to remove fatty tissue and meat from hides. After that, mimosa takes over, “sanding” the skin and tanning it as it goes. Try our finely shredded mimosa if you want a rougher texture.

Similarly, anybody looking for the most pigment per pound (this is one of our more costly dyes) would welcome the rigorous grind. Smaller test samples of both our shredded and ground mimosa hostilis are available here.

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Mimosa Hostilis Bark

Mimosa Hostilis bark, finely powdered This substance is imported from Brazil and goes under many names, including Jurema Preta, Tepezcohuite, and Mimosa Tenuiflora (MHRB). This MHRB for sale has a deep black hue and is highly thick due to the way it was powdered.

We powder our own mhrb for sale in the United States to assure that it is 100% pure and organic root bark rather than trunk bark. We exclusively sell inner root bark from ancient Brazilian Mimosa trees. The root bark of older trees contains more tannins than the root bark of younger trees, making it ideal for use as a natural dye for leather manufacture.

Mimosa Hostilis Bark

The root bark of older Jurema Preta trees not only has a larger tannin content, but it is also darker and thicker than bark from younger Jurema Preta trees. To maintain the tree, the roots are exposed and only few are picked to strip off the bark; the stripped tepezcohuite root bark is then covered with earth again, and neither the root nor the tree is injured in any way.

Where To Buy Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Powder

This mhrb powder for sale in USA has a similar texture to ordinary flour and should be stored in a cold, dry area. To guarantee that all components of the root bark are ground into a fine powder, we use a hammer mill with a 1mm mesh. We regularly import Where To Buy Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Powder to guarantee that we always have a fresh batch of Jurema preta root bark powder.

We do not shred or powder all of the bark at the same time since once powdered, it is more vulnerable to the weather. So, we have a shredding and powdering procedure that occurs a few days before your purchase is submitted to guarantee it is better conserved.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Buy

We offer mimosa hostilis for sale in numerous categories, so you may choose what is best for your project. We offer it in whole-bark, shredded, and fine powder forms, as well as multimer weight categories ranging from 50g to 1kg and more.

Storage suggestions: Keep in a cold, dry area, and avoid leaving any air within the bag if keeping for later use. This tepezcohuite root bark powder may be kept correctly for many months without harming its quality. Some customers prefer to buy entire bark and powder it themselves; however, bear in mind that bark cannot be shredded or powdered with a standard coffee grinder, and it is exceedingly difficult to do so without the right equipment.

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