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Buy Mescaline cacti are native to the Andes Mountains, Mexico, and the southwest United States, where they have been utilized in ceremonies for about 6,000 years. The phenethylamine alkaloid mescaline, which is psychoactive, supports the psychedelic effects.

According to academic research, effigies found in Texas’ Shumla Caves demonstrate that the Native Americans of Texas and New Mexico were the first to use mescaline cactus for these purposes. The Huichol and Aztec peoples of Mexico also employed mescaline cactus for spiritual and ceremonial reasons.

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The Spanish were the first to meet these plant species in the Old World. They documented Mexican tribespeople consuming preparations before partaking in night-long dances and trances.

Western scientists began unraveling the mysteries of Mescaline For Sale thousands of years after people began consuming them for their psychedelic powers. Arthur Heffter, a German pharmacologist, discovered and identified mescaline in 1897. Just over two decades later, Austrian scientist Ernst Spath synthesized the molecule for the first time.

During the 1950s, mescaline entered mainstream Western society. Through the publication of Doors of Perception, a book chronicling his psychedelic experiences, author and philosopher Aldous Huxley helped to push Mescaline For Sale into the collective mind. Humphry Osmond, an entheogen enthusiast and psychiatrist, and renowned psychedelic scientist Alexander Shulgin both contributed to the molecule’s success.

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