The Cactus of the Four Winds (Echinopsis lageniformis forma quadricostata), often known as the Bolivian torch, is a four-ribbed cactus found in Bolivia’s highlands. This cactus, known as Achuma or Wachuma by the indigenous peoples of Bolivia, is considered to have even more potent qualities than the San Pedro or Peruvian flame. We have a variety of cutting sizes in stock.

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Cactus Of The Four Winds (Echinopsis Lageniformis Forma Quadricostata)

The mystical four-ribbed Cactus Of The Four Winds (Echinopsis lageniformis Forma quadricostata), also known as Achuma or Wachuma by the indigenous, is regarded as exceptionally uncommon, as are four-leafed clovers. The cactus is claimed to have extraordinary therapeutic properties, which are manifested in the four ribs, which symbolize the “four winds” or “four roads,” indicating the cosmic axis connecting the many realms through which the Shaman journeys in vision and trance.

The mystical Cactus of the Four Winds is said to have been an important source of religious impetus in ancient civilization across the Andes area. According to legend, whoever discovers the holy, four-ribbed cactus is a great shaman or is destined to become one. The potent hallucinogenic plant’s ceremonial usage may date back at least 4,000 years.


Several cactus species, notably the San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis Pachanoi) and the Peruvian torch (Echinopsis peruviana), have the potential to develop as the exceedingly uncommon and desired Cactus of the Four Winds with the distinctive four ribs. The Bolivian Torch type of the cactus, Echinopsis lageniformis forma quadricostata, is claimed to be the most powerful of the holy cacti, containing the greatest amount of mescaline.

The holy cactus contain mescaline, a psychoactive chemical renowned for causing intense psychedelic and hallucinogen effects. Consumption of cactus flesh results in intense visions, a changed point of view and perception of the surrounding environment, emotions of enchantment, and a profound connection to mother nature and the whole globe.

Cactus Of The Four Winds (Echinopsis Lageniformis Forma Quadricostata)

It is worth noting that eating mescaline-producing cacti will cause vomiting, but this is only temporary and is viewed as an important cleansing by indigenous users of the plant, a necessary purge of the past where you shed all remnants that could otherwise have a negative influence on the journey, cleansing the way to a new life.

As a result, it is advised that you refrain from eating for at least 6 hours before to your scheduled travel. This will not only make you feel better, but it will also allow the cactus buttons you ingest to remain in your stomach longer, allowing you to absorb more of the active material before your stomach flips upside down.


The cuttings we provide are from incredibly healthy and vigorous cactus, making them simple to grow at home. The cultivation of The Cactus of the Four Winds is similar to that of our Bolivian Torch cactus. All you need to know is that you should utilise cactus soil, which can be found at any well-stocked gardening shop. Remember that cactus are desert plants and should only be watered sparingly.

Allow the cactus to absorb just what it needs. Planting them in a well-draining pot in a shallow tray that is only infrequently filled with water at the bottom is the best method to achieve this. Allow the soil to absorb just enough water to become wet; this will accelerate cactus root development. In the colder months, the cactus may easily go 2-3 weeks without waterings, however in the hot summer months, you may need to water weekly.

When you get your Cactus of the Four Winds cuttings, place them in a shaded position for four weeks to allow the cactus to form roots and become adjusted to its new surroundings. There is no need to water the plants for the first 2-3 weeks.

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