San Pedro Pachanoi (Trichocereus) In Pot Large 25 CM – 40 CM


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San Pedro Pachanoi (Trichocereus) In Pot Large 25 CM – 40 CM

Mescaline San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi) cactus in a planter with strong stems! These colorful cactus only need to be watered once a year and have a diameter of 6 to 15 cm! Mescaline is the active ingredient in these mind-altering cacti. This cactus has been used for thousands of years for spiritual reasons and to treat diseases. There is a chance that psychedelic natural chemicals were also experimented with prior to this, although there is no archeological proof of this. The Mescaline Cactus was one of the earliest psychedelics used on the planet.

These cactus thrive at elevations ranging from 2000 to 3000 meters. This cactus’s original name is not San Pedro. The indigenous peoples of Ecuador and Peru named it Achuma. The Spanish named the Achuma cactus San Pedro after and during the Spanish conquest. San Pedro refers to Saint Peter, who received the keys to the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ from Jesus. The Spanish revered the San Pedro cactus.

The effects of the Mescaline San Pedro Pachanoi

San Pedro is not a cactus to visit for a leisurely evening of tripping. This psilocybe cactus has the potential to dramatically alter your vision of modern life. The mescaline impact is capable of causing lasting alterations in the psyche. Many consumers experience a change after utilizing San Pedro. Mescaline will hold up a mirror to you; if you don’t recognize yourself (lack of self-awareness), the mescaline will correct this. Mescaline is a natural medication, not a trip drug. While using San Pedro, the following consequences will occur:

  • Change of perception: the perception of the world changed during a ritual.
  • Sight much more colourful and intense.
  • Objects take on contours, distort or emit light.
  • Change of time and space, space adapts to the trip (one time it seems bigger the other time it seems smaller).
  • Time seems to stand still during a trip.
  • Increased sensory perception (synesthesias), music is seen, a photograph comes to life, and some objects take on different forms.
  • Sensitive to changing moods.
  • Gaining insights into your own life or increasing in life wisdom
  • Undergoing a magical or religious experience
  • Deep-seated underlying problems can manifest with the use of San Pedro Mescaline and be addressed through your own insights gained during the trip.
  • San Pedro will enrich your mental and spiritual thinking with wisdom.

Mescaline San Pedro Pachanoi is not a recreational drug

You don’t go to San Pedro for pleasure or with your girlfriends to relax and unwind. No, this is a strong spiritual cactus with spiritual healing properties. The effects of San Pedro will include vivid hallucinations and images. Most hallucinations or visions have meanings that are relevant to you as a person on Earth. Deeply-seated emotional charges will emerge. Cleaning and releasing negative charges that have been carried around for a lifetime. It is important to be directed during a mescaline trip. Just make sure the guide knows you really well (friend for life) if this is not a rule or a modern western shaman.

What makes the San Pedro Pachanoi psychedelic?

Mescaline is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic alkaloid. Mescaline alkaloidss closely mimics the neurotransmitter epinephrine (adrenaline) in the body. Mescaline, a psychedelic chemical molecule, may bind to serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain because of this resemblance. The psychedelic and hallucinatory effects are caused by this binding mechanism. Apart from mescaline, there are several additional chemicals in the San Pedro cactus that play a minor but clearly active function after intake.

How do you prepare the Mescaline San Pedro Pachanoi cactus for consumption?

Obviously, you cannot ingest the cactus right away. The San Pedro must be processed first. San Pedro may also be turned into powder by first drying it. You might eat the powder immediately, but it will cause stomach discomfort. It is best to prevent this by making a drink from San Pedro.
Follow the steps below:

  1. Work hygienically and put on gloves.
  2. Remove the thorns. Make a full-length cut from top to bottom between the ribs.
  3. Pull the translucent skin from top to bottom away from the green tissue and, if necessary, grate the entrained green matter from the peeled-off skin.
  4. Now the San Pedro cactus is bare and ready to be cut into slices about 1 cm thick.
  5. Put the 1 cm-thick San Pedro pieces in an oven at 50 °C until they are cork-dry to the touch. You can, of course, also choose to let them dry in the sun.
  6. Grind the dried disks to a fine powder (the San Pedro can also be consumed now, but this will often lead to stomach cramps).
  7. Put the San Pedro powder in one pan with water and let it boil for a few hours.
  8. The boiling dissolves the active substances in the boiling water.
  9. After this, pour the water into another larger pan (pan 2).
  10. A mash remains in pan 1. Fill pan 1 with water again.
  11. Repeat steps 8, 9, and 10, for a total of 4 or 5 times.
  12. Test the mash in pan 1; if it still tastes bitter, you can repeat the process from points 8 and 9 again until all the bitter taste has disappeared from the mescaline mash in pan 1.
  13. Then boil the contents of pan 2 so that about 1 liter of water remains.
  14. Sieve the contents of Pan 2 before drinking it.

VERY IMPORTANT: Use a fine sieve when pouring the contents of pan 2 before consuming it, as you do not want to drink a stray thorn.

Dosages Mescaline San Pedro Pachanoi cactus

An typical dosage is about equivalent to a piece of cactus 25 to 30 cm long and 6-8 cm in diameter. If you weigh the cactus instead of measuring it: Mescaline is found in around 120 mg per 100 g of fresh San Pedro cactus. This indicates that a dosage of 200-500 mg of mescaline requires 170-420 g of cactus.

  • 150 – 300 mg light to medium trip
  • 300 – 400 mg strong trip, +/- 6 to 12 hours
  • 450 – 500 mg extreme trip, +/- 12 hours
  • 500 – 600 mg dissolving the ego, trip +/- 24 hours


San Pedro (Trichocereus Pachanoi) in pot 25 to 40 cm.


Mescaline in the cactus may be harmful to one’s health when mixed with certain medications, alcohol, or MAO inhibitors. Are you using any medications? To prevent health concerns, always see your doctor first and read the medicine label. Additionally, do not take San Pedro if you have mental health issues, are pregnant, or are nursing. Treat this one-of-a-kind cactus with care and avoid engaging in traffic while using it.


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