Peyote cluster 4-5 cm


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Peyote cluster 4-5 cm

Peyote cluster 4-5 cm or cluster is a potted Peyote cactus with many Peyote balls. This Peyote cluster will eventually develop into big circular balls of Peyote cactus. Peyote has far more Mescaline than San Pedro, making it a more potent psychedelic. This means you’ll need less cacti to have a fantastic vacation.

History of Peyote cluster 4-5 cm

Peyote is one of the world’s oldest psychoactive cactus. Peyote cactus have been discovered in tombs and caves as back to 4000 BC. The Aztecs revered and adored the enchantment of the Peyote cactus. The user would be in touch with the divine and able to connect with their ancestors after consumption.

She also utilized the Peyote to achieve spiritual fulfillment and to diagnose and treat illnesses and afflictions. About 5500 years ago, indigenous Central American peoples like the Mexica, Huichol, and Navajos used peyote, which is more potent than San Pedro. Peyote is a mescaline cactus that has potent mind-altering properties.

Mescaline cactus may be used to break negative thought habits. The Peyote is potent enough to supply the user with insights that allow them to identify and debunk undesirable tendencies. The Peyote cactus is more potent than the San Pedro cactus.

The effects of the Mescaline Peyote cactus

The effects of this little ball are not recreational, which is why we suggest using it exclusively in a comfortable, calm location, such as your living room. If you are planning a fantastic spiritual journey with Mescaline as your vehicle, we always suggest bringing a trip sitter. A trip sitter is a sober someone who can support you while on the journey.

Peyote has a significant antibacterial impact and can even kill penicillin-resistant germs. Mescaline in Peyote is a powerful psychedelic that will give you realistic hallucinations and visuals throughout your trip. Mescaline Peyote is not a recreational or social psychedelic.

The Peyote is a genuine body and mind transformer that is generally used for spiritual self-development and/or detecting and treating diseases and maladies. Cramps, nausea, vomiting, and sobbing are all possible side effects of a Mescaline Peyote trip. When the trip kicks in, these sensations go away in about an hour.

  • Changes in perception
  • Increase in problem-solving ability
  • High self-reflection character, ego
  • Lifelike hallucinations and visions
  • Increase in sensitivity senses
  • Distortion of objects
  • Manifestation of the light in any person or object visible
  • Switching moods, laughing, crying, sad, happy

Peyote Mescaline and the brain

Mescaline is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic alkaloid. Mescaline alkaloid is remarkably similar to the neurotransmitter epinephrine (adrenaline) in the body. Because of its similarities, the psychedelic chemical molecule Mescaline may attach to the brain’s serotonin and dopamine receptors.

This bonding mechanism is what causes the psychedelic and hallucinatory effects. In addition to Mescaline, there are several additional compounds in the Peyote cactus that play a minor but active function after ingestion.

How do I use Mescaline Peyote cactus

Obviously, your Peyote cactus will not be able to ingest right away. Before it can be consumed, the Peyote must first be processed and dried. Cut the Peyote into little pieces and allow it to dry thoroughly. When the pieces are dry, crush them into a fine powder. The Peyote is now ready to be consumed. The powder may be ingested, chewed, or encapsulated. A dosage of 27 grams (300mg Mescaline) dried Peyote is required for a one-person experience.

Dosage of dried Mescaline Peyote

  • 14 – 27 grams (150 – 300mg Mescaline) light to medium dose
  • 27 – 36 grams (300 – 400mg Mescaline) strong trip, duration: 6 to 12 hours
  • 40 – 45 grams (450 – 500mg Mescaline) extreme trip, possible ego dissolution, duration: +/- 12 hours
  • 45 – 55 grams (500 – 600mg Mescaline) guaranteed dissolving the ego, duration: +/- 24 hours


Mescaline, a substance found in cactus, may be harmful to one’s health when mixed with certain medications, alcohol, or MAO inhibitors. Do you use any medications? To avoid health hazards, always see your doctor first and read the box leaflet of your drug. Also, do not consume Peyote if you are psychologically unstable.


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