Our Peyote With Pups (Lophophora Williamsii) is a considerably uncommon variant of the legendary peyote cactus, mostly for collectors and connoisseurs. Originally discovered in Mexico’s deserts, these psychotropic cacti have a long history of spiritual and religious usage. If you’re seeking for a psychoactive plant that’s a little different, our Peyote with Pups could be for you.

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Peyote With Pups (Lophophora Williamsii)

This psychotropic cactus, formerly known as Peyotl, originated in the arid parts of Mexico. It was always used religiously, letting the user to draw closer to God via spiritual visions. It is regarded as the origin of the “war on drugs” launched by Spanish Conquistadors. The Spanish empire was known for imposing its religious beliefs on those who came under its control, and the inhabitants of what is now Mexico were no exception. The Spanish viewed the usage of Peyote to be a heretical act in the worship of false Gods, since Peyote is said to be the living deity El Mescalito. As a consequence, peyote became illegal and was phased out of general usage.

Peyote With Pups (Lophophora Williamsii)

Our Peyote With Pups (Lophophora Williamsii) is a one-of-a-kind breed. Instead of a single typical growth, this uncommon, collectors variety of peyote produces many pups, allowing for larger harvests. Peyote is a tiny cactus that grows low above soil level in comparison to other cacti, with the bulk of the peyote cactus growing underground as a big tap root.

They grow exceedingly slowly, taking up to three years from seed to full adult plant. This, along with overharvesting and increased use of land for ranching, has resulted in a decrease in the quantity of peyote growing wild, to the point that it is now considered an endangered species.

The creation of the Native American Church in the 1990s was partly responsible for the re-emergence of peyote and our Peyote With Pups (Lophophora Williamsii). They have legal protection to take peyote since it is fundamental to their religious practices. This has created a strong niche interest in the region, with experienced psychoactive drug users eager to harvest and test it for themselves. If you like peyote, then getting this rare variety may be exactly up your alley.


The strong entheogen mescaline is the major element in our Peyote with Pups, just as in traditional peyote. When consumed fresh, peyote with pups has a 0.4% content; when dried, this content level rises to 3-6%.


The cactus puppies will grow disc-shaped “buttons.” These buttons may be cut off and given fresh, dry, or as a tea. The most typical technique to consume peyote is to chop and chew 4 to 12 of these buttons. This causes the active components to be released.

These incisions should be made slightly above soil level to enable the discs to regenerate. You may also re-root your cactus by placing it in sandy soil, much like it would grow in the wild. You may encourage new root development by watering it frequently and allowing it to dry between soakings.

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